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Medium Rotary Mixer
End over end mixing action
Microprocessor controlled drive system
3 user preset programs
Silent operation
Can be customised to suit your application

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Product Overview
Thorough mixing is achieved with the end over end mixing action. This mixer can be supplied with optional fittings to accommodate a range of flasks Bottles and test tubes. For small bottles and flasks, adjustable 3 prong clamps are the most suitable, each clamp can hold containers from 5-70mm diameter up to 250mm long in their plastic coated jaws. For test tubes the RM4CT 4 sided adapter with spring clips is used, clips are available for tubes from 15ml to 50ml. For larger bottles, the UMC2 and UMC3 clamps are best suited. The rotating bar is mounted with precision ball bearings and is driven by a custom microprocessor controlled drive system, the large digital display can show set speed or actual speed. The inbuilt electronic timer can be set for 0-99 minutes or 0-99 hours, memory buttons allow for up to 3 speed / time patterns to be stored.
Suitable for a wide variety of applications in areas such as biochemistry, molecular biology, clinical testing and histochemistry, as well as suiting any other application that requires end over end mixing.
Power requirements 240vac/130 watts  
Capacity 4 kg's (evenly loaded)  
Mixer control Solid state with optical feedback  
Motor Brushless ac  
Speed range 6-57 RPM  
Timer 0-99 minutes or 0-99 hours with 3 presets  
Safety features Motion interrupt cut out  
Overall dimensions W455 x D400 x H335  
Also Known As
General Rotator, Laboratory Rotator, Laboratory Mixer, Variable Speed Rotator, TCLP Rotator
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Model No : RM4CT
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Model No : UMC1
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Model No : UMC3
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This product is covered by Ratek's 3 year parts and 12 month labour back to base warranty. All spare parts for all current models are kept in stock in Melbourne.
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