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Immersion Cooler
580 Watts cooling capacity
Corrosion resistant stainless steel immersion coil
Mounting clamp fixes the coil to any tank
Below-ambient and sub-zero control with THx000
110mm minimum water level

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Product Overview
The RC1 has an insulated stainless steel flexible line approximately 1 metre long with a stainless steel coil supported by an adjustable mounting bracket. This cooler can cool 8 litres of water in an insulated tank from 30C to 5C in approximately 25 mins. When used with the Ratek TH5 Thermoregulator the RC1 can provide temperature controlled water at or below ambient temperatures, accurate to 0.1C. For temperatures below 0c a solution of Ethylene Glycol 50% / Water 50% is recommended. The case for the RC1 is manufactured from a corrosion resistant plastic to provide durability. Only environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant is used in Ratek coolers. Suitable Insulated tanks are available for use with the RC1.
Suitable for a variety of cooling applications suiting an immersion cooling coil (such as fermentation). Can be used on it's own to bring the temperature of liquids/fluids below ambient, and can be used in conjunction with a thermoregulator to achieve a set temperature below ambient.
Power requirements 240VAC/580 Watts  
Compressor HP air-cooled hermetic condensing unit  
Refrigerant R134a  
Cooling capacity in Watts Average approx. 600watts between 30ºC and 5ºC  
Overall dimensions L460 X H320 X W340mm  
Weight 25Kg  
Also Known As
Immersion Cooler, Water Bath Cooler, Below Ambient Cooler
This product is covered by Ratek's 3 year parts and 12 month labour back to base warranty. All spare parts for all current models are kept in stock in Melbourne.
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