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Polypropylene balls - Hollow 10mm
Reduces Heat Loss in Waterbaths
Improves Safety By Reducing Steam
Reduces Energy Usage By Trapping Heat
No Need to Remove A Lid For Access
Sold Individually to Accommodate Any Bath Size

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Product Overview
Ratek's floating polypropylene balls form a movable blanket in any waterbath that reduces evaporation and reduces heat loss by trapping steam under the surface.

The balls easily move out of the way when loading or unloading the bath, and are ideal for a wide range of applications where frequent access to the bath is required. Suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures from -15C to +120C.

Simply order the required quantity to suit your bath, we recommend 3 balls for every square centimeter of the bath opening. For example, a bath with opening dimensions of 300 x 400mm would need 3600 balls.

Waterbaths are utilised in a wide variety of biomedical, life science, and industrial applications as well as in commercial kitchen cooking techniques such as Sous Vide. Specific applications include Sample Thawing, Bacteriological Examinations, Warming Reagents, Coliform Determinations, and Microbiological Assays. Floating polyproplyene balls can be used to avoid heat loss in all of these applications.
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This product is covered by Ratek's 3 year parts and 12 month labour back to base warranty. All spare parts for all current models are kept in stock in Melbourne.
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